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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Amgen ToC 2008 - Stage 7

Amgen Stage 7 begins, concern about the weather and a diminishing field due to sickness or the weather was just to tough. Hard to say thus far it is a good race, the weather holds out, could be a good day. Not near as many hills here just a long climb and a few smaller climbs and some downhill. This should be a faster race, due that it is near a flat route.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Amgen Tour Of California Stage4

Stage 4 started out tough and continued to get rougher. Rain Falling, Cross winds, and some great climbs with exciting descents. Worthy of the experience, we shall see who the winners will be, as the battle continues and more riders drop out whether it be because of the flu or just the weather who knows. It is a great race nonetheless.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Amgen - Tour Of California Stage 3

As I observed stage three of the Amgen Tour Of California using the Adobe Tour Tracker. Things seem to have been going well and the race was exciting besides the cutouts and other errors. I figured before the day was out I would be able to watch it all the way through on tour tracker. Apparently I was mistaken, because from 1300 till even now ... there has been a series of failures, whether it be the chat not functioning and then trying to reset to get the picture back only to be told the server is overloaded and unavailable. As I think back on it, I should of just gone and went and saw it myself. That is going to have to be the plan next year. As far as it goes tour tracker was good until the higher traffic levels took there toll over lunch. I was able to see most of it and the highlights, were available by going to the amgentourofcalifornia site and smaller video with other highlights was apparent. Sorry to say that most of the problems seemed to come up as they were climbing the second class 1 hill to sierra road and the descent after, last I had a chance to see Levi Leppenheimer was in the lead and from the looks of it he was the winner though there is still about 20 miles to the end of the race in San Jose. Perhaps by the evening the final results will be available.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Sheldon Brown RIP

And so I have heard only this day that a man who has done so much died of a heart attack at 63. Sheldon Brown, had offered his knowledge and his experience, to many the new cyclist, he will reside in the location whereby men such as Ken Kifer have long resided. It is a sad story how Ken Kifer was lost to a drunk driver. Also sad that Sheldon Brown passed this day. His articles and information have been a great inspiration to the masses of cyclist in this world today. I can only hope that someone will keep it alive as Riin Gill had done for Ken Kifer seemingly so long ago. When you really think of it great information will span generations. To a point like many the great writer who has passed, his stories legendary and remembered long after the physical body leaves this world.

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I can only say that as Ken Kifer will be missed so shall Sheldon Brown, let us hope the year gets better as time passes.

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