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Friday, March 7, 2008

Remarkeable How Time Flies

Amazing how fast time flies ... so many things going on ... Still I ride though my focus has been on the domain still I am out there cruising the streets. It has been found that a good ride, after a day of writing or creating whatever is the flavor of the day at that moment.

Seems simple right, to ride and to experience life, well of course it is simple, life is not all that involved and when you made that first decision to grow and decided to ride instead of drive that gas guzzling car you made an awesome quality decision.

Give yourself a pat on the back, you made the right choice. And if you have not made that decision to ride, well look at your current situation. Perhaps you have a monthly budget, in that monthly budget look at the most expensive things. It is likely in that list you will find the car as one of the top. By law you need the car insured and sure you need gas if all you do is drive the car, why not cut back on the driving and increase riding instead, it couldn't hurt to bad right?

Of course not, so put the keys away except for the key to the bike lock and ride. The weather is nice as the season changes and Spring is a time of growth, of change. Make the decision to decrease your carbon footprint, and get some exercise. You want to live a long time right? To do so requires an exercise routine like riding a bike.

You start with the exercise and as you continue change the diet. You will be amazed how things come together after that.

Thanks for reading. Ride On Into The Future.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Amgen ToC long concluded

Tour Of California, Long past now such an experience a great variation. Still I see so many sites with photos, die hard fans who withstood the rain and balmy weather to share a few great photos. There are so many it is hard to decide what to share. For an album or two three or twenty still may not be sufficient. I will only say it is great to see so many dedicated fans taking the time to share and it is appreciated more then can be said. How many watched Tour Of California Live, And what did you think about Adobe Tour Tracker.

For now I will close, photos will be added soon once I find some worthy of sharing.