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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bicycling Salinas to Cabrillo 62 Miles Round

"When a commitment is made by a person, there is the responsibility of that choice, squarely residing on their shoulders. Regardless of what might occur or what challenges may come up." ~ Raymond Marr
Just as I made a choice to attend Cabrillo, I now understand that there will be challenges, they do occur, this serves as an example of a way to overcome such challenges simply by committing by action not just words. This ride, that just occured yesterday was one of the first times, that I actually did just that, in confirming a commitment by action.

The route, is one which follows the relatively well known, Pacific Coast Trail that travels from North To South from Oregon down to the Border of Mexico. All along the historical California Coastline, connecting with Sunset State Beach, Manresa State Beach and La Selva with camping and other options for lodging.

The route I followed travels from Salinas along Espinosa Road, connecting with 183 which then reaches Castroville which becomes the gateway to Highway 1 which then continues to Jensen Road. Following Jensen Road, you connect through a series of switchbacks eventually connecting with San Andreas Road. From San Andreas you Connect with Bonita which then takes you to Freedom and Soquel which becomes the last leg to travel to the Cabrillo Campus. The mileage is about 31 miles each way, which then equates to 62 miles round trip.

Sounds simple enough right? Well it usually is, the difference on the return trip seemed to be full of events, a dog jumping a fence and deciding to run beside me, highway patrol officers pulling me over to say I should not cross the freeway and a pace that could of been better. Nonetheless, in continuing to travel through each of these challenges I fortified the commitment I made when I chose to return to school. Even after the place I was watching was sold, even when I came back to Salinas knowing that I need to plan better and I need to finish this semester and the ones to come. Regardless of each of these particular challenges it is clear I need to keep moving forward.