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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bicycling and Health Month – July 2009

First and Foremost;
I need to consider what activities I want to get done and
approaches to those activities as a means to an end while still
garnering the benefits of good exercise. As the month to come July
2009, is really to be about bicycling and health I should look at the
best approaches

Some ideas that sprang to mind not so long ago;
Are to take some time to step it up and for this up and coming month, figure out some bicycling
routes, and bring the tablets along and find locations along bike trails to sit and write awhile. That way I would be getting the dual benefit of bicycling and clarity of thought simply because I got out
there and rode. Some possibilities of routes could be, Fort Ord where there is plenty of space to travel, as well as enable me to connect to Toro Park and ride there also. There is Old San Juan Grade Road,
via Old Stage Road, and perhaps to make it even more interesting a ride from Castroville to Monterey, or Castroville to Santa Cruz. Camping would be nice but have to see about funding. Because really I
want to be able to take the time to explore and experience a bike tour while speaking on Bicycling and Health. Now the other aspect is if I can get some funding happening, enough to take a bike tour that
would be even better but July at this point is only a matter of about a week away so will have to see.

Beyond that to
speak on Health as well as Bicycling and how they are interconnected
it is important to really step it up and really make some major
changes. As far as a bicycling tour would go it does not need to be
long just enough of a chance to step away from the hubbub of the city
and get some exercise besides. As well as being able to travel To Big
Sur or anywhere else for that matter, the only limitation is the
funding aspect of it. With that solved can make this even better,
course on the other side of that coin it is necessary to get it done
to take some steps in the right direction.

Some of the
Objectives of this coming month July 2009 are;

  • To improve
    my overall health by improving the efforts to make sure I
    get the exercise everyday.
  • To become
    more aware of health and how bicycling is so beneficial for that in
    making progress.
  • As well
    as to log many more miles on my bike and loose weight by taking the
    time to ride and experience life.
  • To further solidify my grasp of Singular Focus – on a month to month
    basis because it makes sense.

The challenges I will likely face and overcome;

  • Is the activity of getting out there and getting it done, everyday a new
    adventure and a new beginning to further understanding of the
    connection to bicycling and health.
  • In finding the places to step away take a break after a good ride and
    write up something new and exciting.
  • Improving my breathing technique and my awareness of the world outside of the
    computer and the wonders of it's functionality.
  • Knowing that my focus is on the subject at hand and not detracted by other
    things or redirected toward distractions.

The Action Steps to take to counteract the challenges;

  • Stockpiling
    what I need to be out and riding for most of the day, some snacks,
    food and the like to make sure I get things done properly, and am
    able to focus not on my stomach instead on my experiences and my
  • Not to
    worry about if there is a bench or not just find a comfortable spot
    and sit down and write after every ride, in fact if it is only a day
    trip you could just wait till you get home although as I think about
    it that would be counter intuitive.
  • The breathing techniques will improve with enhanced health, also should
    practice the breathing in the evening in my night meditation
  • By taking action and doing it becomes more clear to your conscious mind that
    your objective is in the here and now.

The reward for my efforts is in the actions taken, and the new habits formed, so even though the next month is on an entirely different subject matter at the very least it is a good start to a better situation. The wonders of singular focus have become more clear in these recent days and as I continue making it a point to keep to it many a new habit will be formed. And in the formation of these same habits there is a progress not seen had the action never been taken in the first place. And In that I am appreciative of what is in the not to distant future.

Some Resources to Consider: