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Saturday, January 26, 2008

A cycle blender hah

Thats pretty slick for sure, but I wonder how safe is that? And could you take it on a singletrack? Let me know what you think, leave a comment, prove there is life out there huh. :)

Cycle In the Rain

To cruise the boulevards as the rain pours from the sky, to venture that journey for the sake of the ride, to do is not wait. So I ride, whether rain is falling or the sun is shining. I made a choice long ago to cycle, for whatever I needed. I will admit I have had some interesting experiences, as diverse as you can imagine. At one point in time I rode from Salinas, to Hollister via bike for a job in a storage facility and rode back that same day.

A time previous, I had a job interview, and figured I would cycle there, no problem right? Well it would not of been had it not rained previously and the downhill as exciting as it was full of puddles. So I cruised along highway 68 up and over Laureles Grade and by the time I arrived at the winery, I was all different colors. As far as that went I did not get the job but what a great way to arrive don't you think? :) Well still I ride, hopefully wiser then previously, and prepared if I need to go to an interview to have an extra set of clothes just for the ride. The wonders of panniers huh.

Well that is the story for today hope you enjoyed it.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A bike Centered Society

A great video on information about a truly bike centered community. It is an exciting prospect for sure. And it can only get better from here.

If only we had the same views stateside what a difference it would make. Not only on the obesity but on the overall community by community.

So take the first step join a group or a possible advocacy group and take the steps now, not later.

Monday, January 14, 2008

On Helmets and The Yes or No Debate

So the story keeps getting interesting. As far as it goes, I will wear a helmet if I am up singletracking it on the retired Fort Ord Public Lands, where the worst experience thus far was when my brother lost it over a series of jumps on a downhill and ended up with a bit of road rash though otherwise ok. He was wearing a helmet at the time, and when he saw the doctor and took a good look at his helmet it was cracked on the left side, so certainly that serves as an example of certainly why they are beneficial. The story goes though he is also a bike commuter attending a local community college which is about a thirty minute ride from home. He has not worn a helmet since we last rode Fort Ord, though the plan is to ride again in the coming season. And it is likely, at that point the helmet will either be purchased or an undamaged one will be dusted off to ride again. Otherwise the helmet I have will remain waiting for the day when it is necessary to bring out again. In commuting, I just cruise without the helmet, certainly safe cycling is an integral part of a safe commute all in all I must admit the fact that I agree with what Ken Kifer has said, may he rest in peace. I will continue to ride as I always have but being careful is the key.

Ride On...Safely. And welcome 2008.