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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lance Armstrong - Grasping New Media

After yesterday's stage 12 time trial at the Giro d'Italia, Armstrong refused to speak to waiting journalists, instead issuing his thoughts on the race via messaging website Twitter.

Journalists attempting to seek out quotes and reaction from Armstrong in his first outing at the Giro have resorted to quoting his Twitter messages - brief though they are - in the absence of anything from the man himself.
via Cycling Weekly c/o SoCalCycling

In so many years that the media has covered Lance Armstrong, the usual eventual conclusion would speak once more about his past, and how it is still not proven that his ability as an athlete who has overcome even the most challenging of times. Through cancer, he became better, more focused and more aware of cycling. And yet everytime, no matter how it was seen the press would bend the truth only a bit. Enough to help the people remember that although Lance Armstrong is a great racer, who has proven himself on more then one occasion as a competitor locally and internationally. Is still mentioned in line with doping or some variation of the word.

So really Lance, I think you made the best decision to stick to your guns, and to use the new media almost exclusively while letting the old media only strive after you. looking for quotes to put all over the papers they fell so important about. It is better in this day and age to grasp the new media, as there have been many examples how the old media is fading out.

The story continues on and as an avid follower of Lance Armstrong, I am appreciative that he took the time to share it with the new media first, his circle of influence on twitter. It does make better sense that more would grasp the power of this new medium to evolve to a more community based society instead of a controlled media, whose only objective is to further what ever agenda is being played too. The media at one point was actually a valid source until corporatism begin to realise by controlling the media they could also control the people to move them from self sufficiency, to dependency based on the convenience so fully advertised.

The real point is, that if more celebrities, or better known personalities, take the same steps to redirect their quotes to the new media at the very least there is less bias in the connected world, and at the very minimum it is the future of media, as it has already became a diverse knowledge base and that travels many times faster then a printed press ever could, and though the television as a media does have the information sooner, they are also more likely to have preconceived bias's that are in line, with the corporate company that holds a majority stake in that television station.

Lance is a trendsetter, by taking this first step he has helped others realise more so that the new media is the future of information flow, and to direct your thoughts to this new outlet it is likely to work out for the better without the bias or the agenda of the mass media of today. So the next question is will these celebrities, or personal superstars will grasp this new media and continue to direct thoughts or quotes to an extensive fan base.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Simplicity of Better Health by Bicycle Riding

"Every singular rotation of the bike pedal is one more to better health ... So Ride On!"

via AvidCyclist_Ray
A simple quote but one I realise, that  for most of my life here on this earth, I have made many a pedal stroke, whether it was climbing a hill, flying down the descent it was always one pedal at a time, as in that consistent effort progress from point A to B and back around to D. Such a simple process similar to putting one foot in front of the other to walk to progress.

So let us begin to understand how a simple quote is put into action, as bicyclists, as believers in Human Power instead of Internal Combustion burning fossil fuels. To realise how much cleaner a bicycle is or a walk should be, to do our own small part to make a difference in the environment. All along improving our life span by the simple choice to remember human power can get you anywhere a car can. Even if you pick up alot of groceries, at the bare minimum you work many smaller muscle groups, every little bit of exercise helps. Seeing as many of us live in more or less within walking distances of any store, why not make the decision, to not drive the car but instead to walk, or ride.

Why pedal or walk when you can drive?

  • Convenient Locations : Find Them.
  • Bicycling or Walking : Do It.
  • Decrease Your Carbon FootPrint - Save Money.

Locations, Locations, Locations : How convenient are your shops?

Considering that more and more people, are finding themselves in a developed area, suburbia or whatever term you choose to use for it for convenience and often for cost, the stores realise this, the idea that people have become more used to a life of convenience then a life that requires the work of generations past. We as consumers, rather a pre packaged fairly priced product then one that was ever grown and tilled by our own hand. Not because we don't like that sense of accomplishment that presents, instead because we live in a scarcity economy, we must work to live, not on a farm so much as in a corporate sweat shop. Some are stuck behind a desk, a counter, or on an industrial manufacturing line, because it is said that it is so important to have all the stuff, the media tells you the stuff is what gives you value. The house, the car the 2.5 kids, but of course in order to get these things you need money and to make money well you do what they teach in the schools, by your parents. To go and work for someone else, to give another person an approximation of what you are worth, as if you can even have a price, to place a price on sweat equity because that is what was done for years, long before the here and now. How many generations were taught that same story, who were completely overwhelmed and stopped thinking for themselves because everyone else is doing the same. The idea to keep up with Johnsons, that idea that you need to have what they have live the life they are. Though really we as human beings are truly priceless, no one person should be able to tell you how much you are worth, what they will pay you to keep you a slave to an already failing economy.

The point being that since more and more people must work, they also tend to find places, that are nearby, stores, shops, the kind of places they go to shop on a regular basis, because with a job, there is usually a family, a house and all the basic things we are often told we need. So there are needs that must be met, shopping, cleaning, items that may only be used once but because they are the latest and greatest people go and buy them. Of course the idea is here, that we as people like to find convenience, and in the decisions we make for where we live, we often consider the vicinity of stores and shops because after a day slaving away from someone else you only want to go pick up some things from the store and just cook it up to do the same the next day but you got some of the green stuff for your effort. Even if it is clearly not enough, again another aspect of the circumstance, that grocery stores tend to capitalize on. Since we are working for someone else and in that they choose the value of our efforts we end up being a bargain hunter. Looking for what you need at the lowest price, preferably at your favorite local shop, you know the one that was a determining factor in when you first moved to this place.

Really the idea is clear, since we made the decision in the first place based on financial needs and convenience most shops are easily within walking or riding distance, add a trailer or get Environmentally Friendly bags and reuse, in that effort you gain the pride in doing something everyday for you and the environment, you decrease your carbon footprint which consequently results, in decreasing the monthly bills for energy and maintenance on a car, and the effort it took is less then it would of had you chose to drive the car, deal with the traffic and watch as the Gas Inidcator gets closer to E and knowing that more money will go out then in if you continually drive a car to places that are within such short distances.

Bicycling and Walking : Do It

We as people have learned that nothing gets done if action is never taken, and though it may be challenging it is important to start and to follow through. Habits are not so easily changed but through consistency they cannot help but evolve. Through this evolution, this change of Habits it becomes clear that consistency is really the key to make the necessary change.

To Walk, is not so difficult at all, we walk everyday from the car to the job and back again, but why not step it up some, take a few extra steps each day, instead of taking the elevator take the stairs and instead of rushing out to lunch why not find a local cafe that is nearby within walking distance and take those steps to go there over your lunch hour. For that matter why not plan ahead by taking a walk to the local store the night before to get what you need to make your lunch for your workday, all you need is those Environmentally Friendly Bags and a jacket and then enjoy the night stroll. During that night stroll you may as well walk on over to the local shop and get the ingredients, take it to the register pay for it and load it in your Environmentally Friendly Bag and take the stroll back to your home. Certainly it may take longer, but why not enjoy it fully, take in the sights, breathe the fresh air, observe how interesting the town can be at night, I am sure you will see that it is nice in the evening after all.

To Bicycle, well it is still not so difficult, in fact it is quite simple but if you do not have a bicycle already it may cost a bit more then walking, though consider the savings of a decreased footprint, better health because you took the time to get some exercise. A bicycle, can be a very simple machine or an amazing device, the wonder of bicycles though is in their simplicity. The initial cost, only an investment in a better future and a longer life. Shopping for a bike, there are plenty of resources, you can take a look at;
  • Craiglist - Bicycles : Choose a City Close By, there are often many who are selling a bike and at a fair price to boot, look locally because really since Craiglist is community based you are not working with Retailers so much, instead you are looking for a bike as a starter. 
  • Garage Sales : It is amazing sometimes what you can find in these community based sales, and often the items they are offering can be negotiated down. As you are only looking for a starter bike for simple commutes. 
  • Bicycle Co-Ops : These are groups of cyclists, who take the time to put together Co-Operatives to increase bicycling awareness through education and opportunity. There are many through out the country, each one can offer fair prices, or education on some of the better places to look. Often these are not for profit advocacy groups whose only objective is to increase understanding of how great bicycling can be.
  • Auction Sites, there are many that could also give you an opportunity to look for parts or bicycles, they are usually for profit companies but it can be amazing sometimes what you can find when you really look. 
Once you have established a bicycle by any of those previously mentioned then you can start looking for the very basics of the bicycle commuter, not the spandex outfits, nor the power bars or anything like that. Instead the basics are as simple as a rack on the back of the bike to carry loads, or to be eaven simpler then that a backpack would do just as well. I would recommend a good lock, because sorry to say not so many understand how important that can really be, as I am sure you don't want to come out with your load and see the bicycle gone, but if you do at least you can walk it. Bicycle Security is important that way. At the very minimum carry a lock with you and make sure you find a post or something that is secure to lock the bike too. Certainly you can take the chance, or you could just see if there would be a problem bringing your bike in while you shop. In my experience at the places I shop that is never so much an issue but always good to be prepared. You may also want to learn the basics of bicycle repair as a way to make sure that if something goes wrong you can fix it. Indeed it does happen, but at the very least you are prepared if it does so you ride your bike there you can ride your bike back, because really that is what it is all about. Bicycling is certainly a great way to get around, and if I was to recommend one over the other I would say that a bicycle is a better way to go depending.

Decrease Your Carbon Footprint - Save Money!

Perhaps it is the most simplest of the series of statements throughout this article, that decreasing your carbon footprint, in and of itself can make an immense difference in how you begin the journey to your better health, and through it increasing your lifespan. There are certainly many resources, on decreasing your carbon footprint;
Walking and Bicycling will help in that matter, simply because there is less waste that way then there would be in any other you walk or ride your bike you are getting exercise, helping the environment and extending your life. What other reason would stop you from adopting these alternate modes of transportation? Far as I can tell not much except that person in the mirror, that you need to reach a consensus with, because change is not easy but it is a necessary evil, if you want to call it that. So why not start today, when you realize you need to get some food or get a snack, don't go towards the car, go towards the sidewalk, start putting one foot in front of the other and when you arrive, pick yourself up some of those environmentally sound bags.

And if you ride a bike don't forget the lock and the backpack, be joyous in this occasion whether it is the first time you have taken a walk to the store, or rode a bike to the same location. It's easy just as long as you keep it consistent.