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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Zabrieskie - Amgen Tour of Calfornia Rider Robbed in Utah

Zabriskie's home burglarized

While the Web-based cycling community was all a-Twitter over the recent theft and return of Lance Armstrong's time trial bike, another cyclist has suffered a bigger loss of personal property, but did not discover it until he returned from the recent Amgen Tour of California.

Salt Lake City Police have issued an appeal for the public's help in recovering items stolen in a burglary at the home of Garmin-Slipstream’s David Zabriskie.

According to police, the break-in occurred while Zabriskie was in California for the recent Amgen Tour.

Police also issued a partial list of items stolen and asked for help in their recovery, particularly if any turn up in local pawnshops or on eBay.

Among those items stolen from Zabriskie’s home are:
Black 2008 Subaru Outback, Utah plate A189NC
Black 2006 Toyota Scion, Utah plate 094VWM
Giro D Italia Race Medal (approx. 6" circumference)
Olympic Seiko watch
Beijing Olympic ring (silver) with initials "DZ" engraved ($4,000)
Olympic Time Trial Bike, plus 12 other bikes (combined value of $100,000)
Cervelo (black/red) bike frame - team issued ($5000)
Tag Heuer watch ($6,000)
Bose Speaker/Receiver System ($15,000)
Sony 52" flat screen TV ($4,000)
Two Mac Books and one Mac desktop, plus hard drive ($8,000)
A pair of Space legs, a recovery compression system for legs ($5,000)
7 Marvel sideshow statues ($11,000)

According to police, the Marvel sideshow statues are distinctive in that they stand two- to three feet tall and are very heavy. The stolen statues were of: "Hellboy" pistol figurine, "Ash"Army of Darkness, "Tomb Raider" Lara Croft, "The Punisher," "Alien," "Ironman" Limited Edition, and a "Gears of War" character.

Anyone with any information on this burglary or the location of the items is asked to call the Tips for Cash line at 799-INFO (4636). Please reference case #09-32767.

via VeloNews

Friday, February 13, 2009

Bicycling - A Reflection

When man invented the bicycle he reached the peak of his attainments. Here was a machine of precision and balance for the convenience of man. And (unlike subsequent inventions for man's convenience) the more he used it, the fitter his body became. Here, for once, was a product of man's brain that was entirely beneficial to those who used it, and of no harm or irritation to others. Progress should have stopped when man invented the bicycle.

~ Hovel in the Hills: An Account of `the Simple Life

That is a great quote coming from Quote Garden, that has a great series of interesting quotes in regard to bicycling as a life choice, the wonder of the journey by bike via Human Power. It is a wonderful thing, to realize that so many explore bicycling as a life choice. As I have explored, in so many posts here at bike-journeys, and get out there and ride everyday by two wheels and using my own muscle mass to propel myself forward.

It goes even beyond that, in that simple effort of riding I improve my overall health and increase energy that is available, while thinking more clearly. And it only gets better as time progresses, as I Focus Forward in my life.It is one in the same, that progress is a constant, as the journey continues on two wheels and by Human Power.

As I explore this wonder of Alternative Transportation I also setup a new zone on Helium that is specific, regarding, bicycling as a life choice, because it makes sense to share the knowledge and the awareness that I have learned in the years I have been on this earth. There is so much more to expand on, though that is for the next post.