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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bike Journeys - To Write And To Ride Again.


Friday, July 17, 1:40 AM

It's primary focus of this account on Twitter and blog also at Word Press to speak on Alternative Transportation, Bicycling, and anything that helps one more person step away from this Car Centric Society that we live in today.

Also this specific account can also be considered a mouthpiece for the Bicycling and Health Project, which is initially scheduled to be For the month of July 2009. As June 2009 was also directly related to Open Source Month, that was extended up through this month as well. And as I am finding out besides, the project itself is always ongoing as I am learning how to work with Ubuntu as my primary Operating System so really I have no choice in the matter but to learn.

Indeed this has become an ongoing process, that works pretty well, whereby there is no choice in the matter but to keep it alive and make progress as it has also been one of my more popular blogs from what I have seen according to some of the recent stats.


Friday, July 17, 1:30 AM

My Accounts on Twitter with Link References;

Word Press

Is a new medium that has a bit more interesting options then Blogger which is why I decided to go with it for the moment...

Also the ease of redirection as I guess you can also do with Blogspot via Blogger seems to make good sense to me, So I took the proper steps in this new direction and begin setting up blogs at Word Press and yet I wonder if it is similarly how it went with Blogspot, mutliple blogs on multiple subjects, that are worked on every now and again. So Really I need to look at that aspect of the circumstance.

Currently Writing;

from within Word Press as we speak while self hosting:

Referencing OpenSource to Third World Countries and other notes as mentioned.

Alternative Transportation

Majority of things done by your own power, there is also car pools and public transit systems that have there own set of possibilities. Public Transit and Car Pools are something to consider but rather should put focus on traveling by human power either by Bike or by Walking.

Bicycling and Health

The month of July is supposed to be a month of BicyclingToday and about BicyclistsToday to speak on and to write about the wonders of bicycling and why everyone should be out there riding, how there are other possibilities then driving #An Automobile with less pollution and added -=Health Benefits=- to mix to ExtendLife by simply making TheChoice to do something different to take steps in a new direction for new experiences yet to be had.

Also makes sense to look at blogs that are doing well that are on the grow one such example is I will have to read up on more of his writing as he may also be worthy of a follow. Bicyclists United, can truly make a difference.

Thursday, July 16, 2:06 PM
"Forgot to take my vitamin today. The road to health, like the road to work, is full of potholes."


20.07.2009 03:07
To complete Bicycling and Health Month what I can do is finish Write Out - My First Bicycle Tour 2003 via Tasque. That would be a fitting end to this interesting month, but the question is there is only about 10 days left in it, so I need to organize my thoughts and figure out best approach.

Though actually, as I consider it, I could continue Bicycling and Health through the weekends in August 2009.

Open Source

The wonders of an open software program and a group of like minded people who want to see less --Proprietary Crap being used for the AverageDesktopUser while also EncouragingCoding of new additions and improvements over the last one.

Open Source Writings @

While taking the time to Understand the Situation (Open Source) of what people deal with, to bring Open Source is to also inform others of the comparable benefits and similar interface of each system, Highlighting the Increased Security of the OpenSourceAlternatives.